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@eeeebbbbrrrr eeeebbbbrrrr released this 06 Sep 17:13
· 4 commits to main since this release

Welcome to PL/Rust v1.2.5. It is a minor bugfix and feature release.

Important Changes

Extension Schema Change

The PL/Rust schema version has bumped to 1.1. As such, an ALTER EXTENSION plrust UPDATE; will be required for all databases with PL/Rust.

Rust Requirements

PL/Rust v1.2.5 requires Rust v1.72.0. The previous version required Rust v1.70.0

Postgres 16RC1 Support

PL/Rust v1.2.5 now supports Postgres 16RC1. Note that we are not releasing binary artifacts for pg16 until it goes gold.

Other Changes

Public-facing Changes

  • Add a function to list all the allowlisted crates with their respecti… by @anth0nyleung in #373
  • Change plrust.allowed_dependencies to sighup context by @anth0nyleung in #362
  • Bump to Rust 1.72.0, and remove plrust_tuple_struct_self_pattern lint. by @thomcc in #375

Bugfixes and Cleanup

Project Related

New Contributors

Thanks to the new contributors. Always nice to see input from community members!

Full Changelog: v1.2.3...v1.2.4