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BFC5.5.10mp1 eCos open source for TC7210/TC7230 models
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BFC5.5.10mp1 open source release note for TC7210/TC7230 models

How to bulid the eCos library on Ubuntu linux OS

  • Checkout source code from GitHub :

  • Decompress the eCos open source code :

    • $tar xvf ProdD30_BFC5.5.10_eCos_OpenSrc.tar.bz2
  • Install toolchains under /usr/local :

    • $sudo tar zxvf usr_local__ecos20.tgz -C /usr/local
  • Build eCos library :

    • $sh
  • All the eCos library will be created on directory :

    • rbb_cm_ecos/ecos-src/bcm33xx_ipv6/bcm33xx_ipv6_install/lib
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