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An attempt to replicate meteor experience
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Colors Demo

Attempt to replicate Meteor experience with ember-data

This is just a demo. Essentially the query stuff is just a proof of concept. Lots of performance/security concerns to be addressed.

The demo makes use of Slanger for websocket notificatons

You have to run Redis and Slanger alongside the demo Rails app

brew install redis
git clone git://
cd colors-demo

bundle install
bundle exec slanger --app_key colors --secret toto42
cd colors-demo
bundle exec rake db:migrate
bundle exec rails

Try it simultaniously in two browsers. You can try some query in your webinspector console. Look at the end of query.js file for the supported syntax.

App.colorsController.all({likes: {$gt: 10}});
App.colorsController.all({likes: {$gt: 15, $lte: 20}});
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