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Ember.js adapter for the Rails asset pipeline

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This is a gem for integration of SproutCore 2.0 with Rails 3.1 assets pipeline.

It provide direct requires for official sproutcore packages :

  • sproutcore
  • sproutcore-datastore
  • sproutcore-statechart
  • sproutcore-touch

And it also provides one unnoficial package :

  • sproutcore-i18n (integration with i18n-js gem)

Rasputin also provide sprockets engine for handlebars templates. Any template in your javascript assets folder with extention handlebars will be availabel in sproutcore.

Examples :

todos/templates/item.handlebars >> SC.TEMPLATES['todos_item']
todos/ui/templates/stats.handlebars >> SC.TEMPLATES['todos_ui_stats']


In Gemfile:

gem 'rasputin'

In your javascript asset manifest (app/assets/javascripts/application.js) add the following:

//= require sproutcore

And any of the following you want to include:

//= require sproutcore-datastore
//= require sproutcore-statechart
//= require sproutcore-touch
//= require sproutcore-i18n

In your stylesheet asset manifest (app/assets/stylesheets/application.css) add the following:

 * = require normalize



  • add normalize.css


  • remove unofficial packages. Prepare for more stable releases in sync with upstream.
  • sproutcore-jui will move in to it's own gem

0.7.1 :

  • add sproutcore-touch

0.7.0 :

  • add sproutcore-bricks

0.6.0 :

  • update to lates sproutcore 2 (beta3)
  • lots of fixes for sproutcore-jui
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