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A collection of tools and supplimentary libraries for use with Ruby Reports

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What is it?

ruport-util provides a home for marooned former parts of Ruby Reports,
and newer fringe ideas.

Support as of 2007.08.28:

  • Basic Graphing (util/graph)
  • Report runner (util/report)
  • Report Mailing (util/mailer)
  • Report Manager (util/report_manager)
  • Invoices (util/invoice)
  • PDF form helpers (util/pdf/form)
  • ODS formatter for tables (util/ods)
  • Benchmarking Tool (util/bench)
  • Ruport centric code generation via the rope command.
  • csv to OpenDocument conversion via csv2ods

See example/ for more information

Getting Ruport

To use ruport-util >= 0.8.0, you’ll need Ruport >= 1.2.0

sudo gem install ruport -y

Installing ruport-util

It’s on RubyForge:

gem install ruport-util -y


require “ruport”
require “ruport/util”
  1. then just use whatever tools you want.


Please report any problems on the Ruport mailing list:

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