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# Make sure you have gcc and g++ installed
# $> apt-get install g++
# On Ubuntu you will need to add the "multiverse" to your /etc/apt/sources.list
# file. See also:
$> apt-get install libcgal-dev
$> apt-get install libgdal1-dev
# You might as well install gdal-bin while you're here but that's
# not technically necessary for Clustr.
# $> apt-get install gdal-bin
# If you haven't already done this part, then grab Clustr from github.
# $> apt-get install git-core
# $> git clone
$> cd Clustr
$> make
$> ./clustr -h
clustr 0.1 - construct polygons from tagged points
written by Schuyler Erle <>
(c) 2008 Yahoo!, Inc.
Usage: clustr [-a <n>] [-p] [-v] <input> <output>
-h, -? this help message
-v be verbose (default: off)
-a <n> set alpha value (default: use "optimal" value)
-p output points to shapefile, instead of polygons
If <input> is missing or given as "-", stdin is used.
If <output> is missing, output is written to clustr.shp.
Input file should be formatted as: <tag> <lon> <lat>\n
Tags must not contain spaces.