Class at SFPC, Fall 2015
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Class at SFPC, School for poetic computation, Fall 2015

This class based on Artist Tool Kit workshop I did in the SFPC summer session and also Allison Burtch's Critical Theory of Technology class from Fall 2014. This class is focusing on the Theory, complementing other classes on Code and Hardware. The class will meet for 5 weeks in the School in Friday morning 10 am and will have multiple field trips.

#Concept & Theory Studio

This class focus on building conceptual tools for artists. Through writing, discussion, documentation, presentation and site visits, students will learn about the practical skills for developing concepts.


  • Why do we make art?
  • Why do we use technology to make art?
  • What is poetic about computation?
  • What is the art history that's relevant to my art?
  • What is critical theory and why is it important?
  • Where is my audience and my community?
  • How can my art make impact in the larger world?
  • How can I continue to do what I love to do?


  • How to write artist statement
  • Writing your bio
  • Applying to residencies and grants
  • Participating in crit
  • Curating yourself into an exhibition
  • Basic finance for art project


####9/25 Art and weapon

Notes from the class

Visit to the Whitney Museum


  • Write a response in less than 500 words about a work or two at the Whitney museum using Deleuze's Postscript on Control Society as reference point. Questions: What is Art? What is New Weapon?

  • Please send me a link to your written response by 10.2 Friday 6pm. The response must be posted on a public blog, please don't send a link to hackpad or google doc.

Next Friday, we will meet at 1pm and discuss about your responses. Nick Montfort will be joining us from 2~3:30pm, present about Platform studies and answer questions. Please complete the readings before the class.

Required readings for next week:

  • Chapter 1: Stella and Afterword on Platform Studies" from Racing the Beam by Nick Montfort and Ian Bogst.
  • 10 PRINT, available as a free, Creative Commons PDF at (The chapters on BASIC and the Commodore 64 are most directly relevant.)

Recommended readings and video

####10/9 Platform

Reading responses

Cory Arcangel's visit Notes

Nick Montfort's visit Notes

####10/23 Gender

Readings suggested by Caroline Sinders who organized Facets.


Exhibition proposal for SFPC

11/6 Participation

Presentation of Exhibition proposals

Lecture on Participation.

11/20 What now?