poems that travel into different languages and medium
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Errantic Poetry

Poems that travel into different languages and medium over time.
Original work by Taeyoon Choi and collaborators.

'Errantic poetry' is a growing collection of poems written, interpreted and translated in English, Korean, American Sign Language, Computer software, Digital and physical output and many more. The poems range from personal work, notes of others work, prompts and propositions and they are accompanied by the technical notes.

Example poems

  • Snow poems
  • Random poems
  • Text Outputs

These poems are printed with a pen plotter using Plottr.js by Michael Simpson

'Errantic poetry' is an attempt in giving form to a new kind of language, one that is only complete during its transformation. The poems

Earlier version of the work is an extension of 'Version Controlled Poetry"

The work will be exhibited at Whisper or Shout: Artists in the Social Sphere at BRIC House in Brooklyn, New York. March 17-May 1, 2016.