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A fractal generator in C (written for CodeDay Houston 2015)
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To compile:

$ make

To run:

$ bin/fractal 1 2 3 6 7 13 15 17 19

Substitute the list of numbers for which variations you want the fractal to include (requires at least two).

-w [NUM] and -h [NUM] flags specify width and height, which both default to 1000.

Outputs to out000.ppm. You may convert this to ex. png with ImageMagick:

$ convert out000.ppm out.png

To do animations, include the -f [NUM] flag specifying how many frames of animations to render. This will produce out000.ppm through out<f-1>.ppm, and then automagically combine them into out.gif if you have ImageMagick installed.

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