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privim is a very lightly modified fork of Neovim geared towards editing private files, such as a personal journal. It has the following features:

  • decrypts GPG-encrypted files into /dev/shm before editing and re-encrypts afterwards

  • calls mlockall to prevent writing any data to disk in the form of swap

  • disables viminfo and swap files

  • automatically saves and exits upon losing focus or 10 seconds of idle time

  • forces gpg-agent, if running, to immediately "forget" the passphrase after the file is encrypted and saved

To use privim,

git clone
cd privim
git clone
cd neovim
patch -p1 <../neovim.patch
cd ~/bin  # or wherever
ln -s /path/to/privim/privim

The symlink should point to the privim binary in the root of this project.

Also make sure that you

echo 'key=foo@bar.baz' > ~/.privim

privim will read this file to determine which gpg key to use. You can then simply run privim filename, which will create filename if it doesn't exist already.

Other configuration options include:

  • rotate: if this is set to anything other than the empty string, privim will "rotate" versions of your file. If the file being edited (say, foo) exists, it will move the old foo to foo.0, the old foo.0 to foo.1, and so on, and your new version will be saved as foo.

  • nvimflags: this is an array of flags to pass to the nvim command. Use declare -a nvimflags=('-a' '-b' '-c') in ~/.privim to set this.

  • idletime: amount of time in milliseconds of user inactivity to wait before automatically :wqing. If unspecified, the default is 10000, as mentioned above.

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