Wiki macro for redmine. The macro render graph-image from wiki contents as dot.
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Redmine Wiki Graphviz-macro plugin

Redmine Wiki Graphviz-macro plugin allow Redmine's wiki to render graph image.


  • Add wiki macro {{graphviz}}, {{graphviz_link}} and {{graphviz_me}}
  • Write wiki page as dot format, and the macros make it graph image.

{{graphviz}} macro

  • This macro render graph image from other wiki page's content.

  • format={png|jpg|svg}

  • layout={dot|neato|fdp|twopi|circo}

  • inline={true|false}

    • If svg format is specified, Its default output is inline SVG. If inline is false, img tag will be used.
  • target={_blank|any} (*1)

  • with_source : Display both image and its source(dot) (*1)

  • no_map : Disable clickable map. (*1)

  • wiki=page : Link image to specified wiki page. (*1)

  • link_to_image : Link image to itself. (*1)

  • align=value : Additional attr for IMG. (*1)
    e.g.) right, left

  • width=value : Additional attr for IMG.

    • It is recommended to use no_map option together.
      e.g.) 100px, 200%
  • height=value : Additional attr for IMG.

    • It is recommended to use no_map option together.
      e.g.) 100px, 200%
  • (*1): These options do not affect to the inline SVG.

{{graphviz_me}} macro

  • This macro render graph image from the wiki page which includes this macro.

  • Use this macro commented out like below. If it is not commented out, renderer fails syntax error.

     // {{graphviz_me()}}
     // {{graphviz_me(option=value)}}
  • options: See {{graphviz}} macro.

  • When previewing, this macro output the image into img@src with data scheme. Thus, old browsers can't render it.

{{graphviz_link}} macro

  • This macro render graph image having passing the dot description inline.

     digraph G {...}
     digraph G {...}
  • options: See {{graphviz}} macro.


  • On Windows, If you want to use the text which is NOT written in English(Such as Japanese) in the graph, You should specify "fontname" attribute to the object like below.

    somenode [label="some text in Japanese", fontname="MS Gothic"]

    NOTE: "MS Gothic" is just example. You should specify it using real font name. "MS"(ZENAKU) + HANKAKU White space + "Gothic"(ZENAKU KATAKANA)

  • Example

     digraph G {
       subgraph cluster_se {
         graph [label="Search Engine"]
         y [label="Yahoo!", URL=""]
         g [label="Google", URL=""]
       p [label="Page"]
       g -> p


  • Redmine 3.0.0 or later.
  • ruby 2.2
  • Graphviz
    • There are 2ways about setting up graphviz for this plugin.

    • The one is using Gv which is ruby binding of graphviz.

      • Recommended for unix system.
      • The plugin uses fork() and IO.pipe to capture STDERR which holds error message output from Gv.
    • The other one is using external dot command which is on the PATH.

      • For Windows system, Only this way of setting is available.
      • The dot command is executed twice by the plugin when one graph is rendered. First one to render the image. Second one to create clickable map.
    • Example of installed graphviz package.


      e.g.) CentOS 5.5 using Gv. graphviz-2.26.3-1.el5 graphviz-gd-2.26.3-1.el5 graphviz-ruby-2.26.3-1.el5 e.g.) Ubuntu (10.04) using Gv. graphviz graphviz-dev libgv-ruby e.g.) Windows XP Pro SP3(ja) using external dot command. graphviz-2.26.3 ```

  • memcached (optional)

Getting the plugin


git clone git:// wiki_graphviz_plugin


  1. Copy the plugin tree into #{RAILS_ROOT}/plugins/

  2. Make sure the temporary directory writable by the process of redmine.


    This plugin try to create follwing directory and create tmporary file under it.

  3. Restart Redmine.


  • If you want to use caching feature for rendered images, must configure your cache_store.
  • This plugin expects the store like ActiveSupport::Cache::MemCacheStore which provides marshaling when set/get the value.
  1. Setup caching environment, like memcached.

  2. Configure cache_store.

     e.g.) config/environments/production.rb
     config.action_controller.perform_caching = true
     config.action_controller.cache_store = :mem_cache_store, "localhost" 
  3. Restart Redmine.

  4. Login to Redmine as an Administrator.

  5. Setup wiki graphviz-macro settings in the Plugin settings panel.


This plugin is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.
See COPYRIGHT.txt and GPL.txt for details.


  • graphviz_link macro by rsilvestri.

My environment

  • CentOS 7.5 x64
  • ruby-2.4.3p205
  • redmine-3.4.6
  • graphviz-2.30.1-21.el7.x86_64