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This is Location Guru. A ruby-on-rails platform for handling venues.

Production Site can be visited under: or

Local installation

If you still have not develop in Ruby on Rails - install Ruby and Rails first: On macOS the best way is to use RVM: Install RVM with default Ruby and Rails in one Command:

$: curl -sSL | bash -s stable --rails

You may experience errors on install ('binary not found'). In this case open a new Terminal so make the newly installed RVM active and install ruby with:

$: rvm install

Install Postgres Database Use Postgres App from Postgres Server: Init Database and start Server

Install redis caching service and jobqueue

You need Redis to send deferred emails Use Homebrew to install:

$: brew install redis

Start the service

$: brew services start redis

Start the JobQueue:

$: QUEUE=* rake resque:work

Export the redis local environment: $: export REDISTOGO_URL=localhost:6379

All environments may be inserted to the .env file.

For the environment you can create a .env file in the main directory and copy the line: 'export REDISTOGO_URL=localhost:6379' into it.

Install ImageMagick

You need this for any image processing and upload

$: brew install imagemagick

Database Setup

You need to create local test and development databases:

$:rails db:setup

Install GEM Files

$: bundle install

You may have problems with the 'pg' gem. in this case try manually this:

$: gem install 'pg' -- --with_pg_config=/Applications/

Start development environment

You now have Ruby, Rails Gemfiles, and Redis server. Databases are created. Just seed development Database with initial data:

$: rails db:seed

To get a full list of tasks available in Rails and what db tasks you have simply ask rails:

$: rails --tasks

Start the server

  1. Start the redis-server
  2. Start a batch job queue
  3. Start rails server

$: redis-server $: QUEUE=* rake environment resque:work

Start locally

$: rails s
    => Booting Puma
    => Rails 5.2.x application starting in development
    => Run `rails server -h` for more startup options
    Puma starting in single mode...
    * Version 3.11.4, codename: Love Song
    * Min threads: 5, max threads: 5
    * Environment: development
    * Listening on tcp://
    * Listening on tcp://[::1]:3000
    Use Ctrl-C to stop

Open your browser at: http://localhost:3000

Write tests

$: rails test

Bulk Update Locations: $: rake geocode:all CLASS=Location SLEEP=0.25


A full featured website for hosting venues in ruby on rails. Free to edit, fork and use.





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