Quick and simple xbee modem configuration of Channel, Pan Id and Destination Address
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XBee Modem Setup

Xbee modems ship in router configuration, but can be configured as routers or coordinators with the digi X-CTU software (windows only). A coordinator is necessary to configure a mesh, however for direct communication between modems a coordinator is unnecessary. So for two Xbee modems, the as shipped router firmware works fine.

The purpose of this script:

An Xbee module will only communicate with other modules having the same channel (CH parameter), PAN ID (ID parameter) and destination address (DH + DL parameters). Reading settings these parameters is the purpose of this script

This could be thought of as 3 layers: Channel, Pan ID and Destination Address low and high: DL/DH

Note: when a constant is not set, that constant is not written, only read

Step 1

Download and install ruby serial port library “ruby-serialport.rubyforge.org/”:http://ruby-serialport.rubyforge.org/

Step 2

Add an xbee shield with xbee shield with both jumpers in usb position (nearest the board edge) to the arduino connect the arduino to your computer run this script the result should look similar to this:

using tty.usbserial-A60048pt

Connected to: serial port
cmd: ATVR, result: 1220 OK 
cmd: ATCH, result: 16 OK 
cmd: ATID, result: 555 OK 
cmd: ATSL, result: 4052D736 OK 
cmd: ATSH, result: 13A200 OK 
cmd: ATDL, result: 4052DAF7 OK 
cmd: ATDH, result: 13A200 OK 
cmd: ATNI, result: VISCONTI OK 
serial port closed

what is all this?

ATVR =>firmware version
ATCH => channel (from 1-16)
ATID => pan id, or Personal Area Network ID
ATSL => serial number low (record this)
ATSH => serial number high (record this)
ATDL => destination low (assign the serial number low of the target modem to this)
ATDH => destination high (assign the serial number high of the target modem to this)
ATNI => networking identification (assign a human readable name... not necessary but very handy)

take a note of the serial low and high, since these will be assigned to destination high and low of the other (destination) modem

Step Three

Enter your configurations and run the script

Step Four

Repeat for the other Xbee modem