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Mirror of Woof -- A Web Oriented Object Framework using Tcl
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Version 0.5 beta of Woof! has been released.

What is Woof!

Woof! - Web Oriented Object Framework - is an open-source, platform and server-independent, web application framework written in the Tcl programming language. It is intended to be easy to install and deploy, simple to understand and customize, and embeddable into other applications.

  • Platform independent (requires Tcl 8.6)
  • Web server agnostic with CGI, SCGI support and API's for writing adapters for other interfaces
  • Configurable page layouts
  • Templates with inheritance
  • Pluggable template engines
  • Support for responsive web design
  • Pure CSS controls
  • Built-in query, session and cookie handling
  • Flexible routing with matching URL generation
  • Localization support
  • Development aids - built-in web server, scaffolding tool, documentation generator, interactive debugging console
  • Comprehensive documentation (well, getting there)


The download area is at

bowwow-VERSION.exe is a single file Windows executable with Woof, Tcl and a web server built in and no external dependencies. Just download and run. and woof-VERSION.tar.gz are source distributions for use with other web servers. contains some Tcl packages that are needed by Woof! and bundled together for convenience. Many Tcl installations will already have these in place.


See Woof! has been tested with IIS on Windows, Apache on Debian Wheezy and Lighttpd on Ubuntu.

Release Notes

This is the fourth public release of Woof! and is intended to allow people to try out Woof! and provide early feedback. The API is stabilizing but still subject to change.

Unfortunately, Woof 0.5 has some incompatibilities with previous versions. The page layout system in particular has been changed due to the underlying YUI CSS libraries no longer being developed by Yahoo.


See for install instructions. Upgrades are not yet supported.

Getting started

See the Woof! Quick Start Guide at

Useful URLs

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