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* tkScrollbar.h --
* Declarations of types and functions used to implement the scrollbar
* widget.
* Copyright (c) 1996 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution of
* this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
#ifndef _TKINT
#include "tkInt.h"
* A data structure of the following type is kept for each scrollbar widget.
typedef struct TkScrollbar {
Tk_Window tkwin; /* Window that embodies the scrollbar. NULL
* means that the window has been destroyed
* but the data structures haven't yet been
* cleaned up.*/
Display *display; /* Display containing widget. Used, among
* other things, so that resources can be
* freed even after tkwin has gone away. */
Tcl_Interp *interp; /* Interpreter associated with scrollbar. */
Tcl_Command widgetCmd; /* Token for scrollbar's widget command. */
int vertical; /* Non-zero means vertical orientation
* requested, zero means horizontal. */
int width; /* Desired narrow dimension of scrollbar, in
* pixels. */
char *command; /* Command prefix to use when invoking
* scrolling commands. NULL means don't invoke
* commands. Malloc'ed. */
int commandSize; /* Number of non-NULL bytes in command. */
int repeatDelay; /* How long to wait before auto-repeating on
* scrolling actions (in ms). */
int repeatInterval; /* Interval between autorepeats (in ms). */
int jump; /* Value of -jump option. */
* Information used when displaying widget:
int borderWidth; /* Width of 3-D borders. */
Tk_3DBorder bgBorder; /* Used for drawing background (all flat
* surfaces except for trough). */
Tk_3DBorder activeBorder; /* For drawing backgrounds when active (i.e.
* when mouse is positioned over element). */
XColor *troughColorPtr; /* Color for drawing trough. */
int relief; /* Indicates whether window as a whole is
* raised, sunken, or flat. */
int highlightWidth; /* Width in pixels of highlight to draw around
* widget when it has the focus. <= 0 means
* don't draw a highlight. */
XColor *highlightBgColorPtr;
/* Color for drawing traversal highlight area
* when highlight is off. */
XColor *highlightColorPtr; /* Color for drawing traversal highlight. */
int inset; /* Total width of all borders, including
* traversal highlight and 3-D border.
* Indicates how much interior stuff must be
* offset from outside edges to leave room for
* borders. */
int elementBorderWidth; /* Width of border to draw around elements
* inside scrollbar (arrows and slider). -1
* means use borderWidth. */
int arrowLength; /* Length of arrows along long dimension of
* scrollbar, including space for a small gap
* between the arrow and the slider.
* Recomputed on window size changes. */
int sliderFirst; /* Pixel coordinate of top or left edge of
* slider area, including border. */
int sliderLast; /* Coordinate of pixel just after bottom or
* right edge of slider area, including
* border. */
int activeField; /* Names field to be displayed in active
* colors, such as TOP_ARROW, or 0 for no
* field. */
int activeRelief; /* Value of -activeRelief option: relief to
* use for active element. */
* Information describing the application related to the scrollbar. This
* information is provided by the application by invoking the "set" widget
* command. This information can now be provided in two ways: the "old"
* form (totalUnits, windowUnits, firstUnit, and lastUnit), or the "new"
* form (firstFraction and lastFraction). FirstFraction and lastFraction
* will always be valid, but the old-style information is only valid if
* the NEW_STYLE_COMMANDS flag is 0.
int totalUnits; /* Total dimension of application, in units.
* Valid only if the NEW_STYLE_COMMANDS flag
* isn't set. */
int windowUnits; /* Maximum number of units that can be
* displayed in the window at once. Valid only
* if the NEW_STYLE_COMMANDS flag isn't set. */
int firstUnit; /* Number of last unit visible in
* application's window. Valid only if the
* NEW_STYLE_COMMANDS flag isn't set. */
int lastUnit; /* Index of last unit visible in window.
* Valid only if the NEW_STYLE_COMMANDS flag
* isn't set. */
double firstFraction; /* Position of first visible thing in window,
* specified as a fraction between 0 and
* 1.0. */
double lastFraction; /* Position of last visible thing in window,
* specified as a fraction between 0 and
* 1.0. */
* Miscellaneous information:
Tk_Cursor cursor; /* Current cursor for window, or None. */
char *takeFocus; /* Value of -takefocus option; not used in the
* C code, but used by keyboard traversal
* scripts. Malloc'ed, but may be NULL. */
int flags; /* Various flags; see below for
* definitions. */
} TkScrollbar;
* Legal values for "activeField" field of Scrollbar structures. These are
* also the return values from the ScrollbarPosition function.
#define OUTSIDE 0
#define TOP_ARROW 1
#define TOP_GAP 2
#define SLIDER 3
#define BOTTOM_GAP 4
#define BOTTOM_ARROW 5
* Flag bits for scrollbars:
* REDRAW_PENDING: Non-zero means a DoWhenIdle handler has
* already been queued to redraw this window.
* NEW_STYLE_COMMANDS: Non-zero means the new style of commands
* should be used to communicate with the widget:
* ".t yview scroll 2 lines", instead of
* ".t yview 40", for example.
* GOT_FOCUS: Non-zero means this window has the input
* focus.
#define GOT_FOCUS 4
* Declaration of scrollbar class functions structure
* and default scrollbar width, for use in configSpec.
MODULE_SCOPE const Tk_ClassProcs tkpScrollbarProcs;
* Declaration of functions used in the implementation of the scrollbar
* widget.
MODULE_SCOPE void TkScrollbarEventProc(ClientData clientData,
XEvent *eventPtr);
MODULE_SCOPE void TkScrollbarEventuallyRedraw(TkScrollbar *scrollPtr);
MODULE_SCOPE void TkpComputeScrollbarGeometry(TkScrollbar *scrollPtr);
MODULE_SCOPE TkScrollbar *TkpCreateScrollbar(Tk_Window tkwin);
MODULE_SCOPE void TkpDestroyScrollbar(TkScrollbar *scrollPtr);
MODULE_SCOPE void TkpDisplayScrollbar(ClientData clientData);
MODULE_SCOPE void TkpConfigureScrollbar(TkScrollbar *scrollPtr);
MODULE_SCOPE int TkpScrollbarPosition(TkScrollbar *scrollPtr,
int x, int y);
#endif /* _TKSCROLLBAR */
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