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# This file is the basis for a binary Tk Linux RPM.
%{!?directory:%define directory /usr/local}
Name: tk
Summary: Tk graphical toolkit for the Tcl scripting language.
Version: 8.6b3
Release: 2
License: BSD
Group: Development/Languages
Buildroot: /var/tmp/%{name}%{version}
Buildrequires: XFree86-devel tcl >= %version
Requires: tcl >= %version
The Tcl (Tool Command Language) provides a powerful platform for
creating integration applications that tie together diverse
applications, protocols, devices, and frameworks. When paired with
the Tk toolkit, Tcl provides the fastest and most powerful way to
create GUI applications that run on PCs, Unix, and Mac OS X. Tcl
can also be used for a variety of web-related tasks and for creating
powerful command languages for applications.
%setup -q -n %{name}%{version}
cd unix
CFLAGS="%optflags" ./configure \
--prefix=%{directory} \
--exec-prefix=%{directory} \
cd unix
make INSTALL_ROOT=%buildroot install
rm -rf %buildroot
%files -n tk
%if %{_lib} != lib
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