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# palette.tcl --
# This file contains procedures that change the color palette used
# by Tk.
# Copyright (c) 1995-1997 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
# See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
# of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
# ::tk_setPalette --
# Changes the default color scheme for a Tk application by setting
# default colors in the option database and by modifying all of the
# color options for existing widgets that have the default value.
# Arguments:
# The arguments consist of either a single color name, which
# will be used as the new background color (all other colors will
# be computed from this) or an even number of values consisting of
# option names and values. The name for an option is the one used
# for the option database, such as activeForeground, not -activeforeground.
proc ::tk_setPalette {args} {
if {[winfo depth .] == 1} {
# Just return on monochrome displays, otherwise errors will occur
# Create an array that has the complete new palette. If some colors
# aren't specified, compute them from other colors that are specified.
if {[llength $args] == 1} {
set new(background) [lindex $args 0]
} else {
array set new $args
if {![info exists new(background)]} {
error "must specify a background color"
set bg [winfo rgb . $new(background)]
if {![info exists new(foreground)]} {
# Note that the range of each value in the triple returned by
# [winfo rgb] is 0-65535, and your eyes are more sensitive to
# green than to red, and more to red than to blue.
foreach {r g b} $bg {break}
if {$r+1.5*$g+0.5*$b > 100000} {
set new(foreground) black
} else {
set new(foreground) white
lassign [winfo rgb . $new(foreground)] fg_r fg_g fg_b
lassign $bg bg_r bg_g bg_b
set darkerBg [format #%02x%02x%02x [expr {(9*$bg_r)/2560}] \
[expr {(9*$bg_g)/2560}] [expr {(9*$bg_b)/2560}]]
foreach i {activeForeground insertBackground selectForeground \
highlightColor} {
if {![info exists new($i)]} {
set new($i) $new(foreground)
if {![info exists new(disabledForeground)]} {
set new(disabledForeground) [format #%02x%02x%02x \
[expr {(3*$bg_r + $fg_r)/1024}] \
[expr {(3*$bg_g + $fg_g)/1024}] \
[expr {(3*$bg_b + $fg_b)/1024}]]
if {![info exists new(highlightBackground)]} {
set new(highlightBackground) $new(background)
if {![info exists new(activeBackground)]} {
# Pick a default active background that islighter than the
# normal background. To do this, round each color component
# up by 15% or 1/3 of the way to full white, whichever is
# greater.
foreach i {0 1 2} color $bg {
set light($i) [expr {$color/256}]
set inc1 [expr {($light($i)*15)/100}]
set inc2 [expr {(255-$light($i))/3}]
if {$inc1 > $inc2} {
incr light($i) $inc1
} else {
incr light($i) $inc2
if {$light($i) > 255} {
set light($i) 255
set new(activeBackground) [format #%02x%02x%02x $light(0) \
$light(1) $light(2)]
if {![info exists new(selectBackground)]} {
set new(selectBackground) $darkerBg
if {![info exists new(troughColor)]} {
set new(troughColor) $darkerBg
# let's make one of each of the widgets so we know what the
# defaults are currently for this platform.
toplevel .___tk_set_palette
wm withdraw .___tk_set_palette
foreach q {
button canvas checkbutton entry frame label labelframe
listbox menubutton menu message radiobutton scale scrollbar
spinbox text
} {
$q .___tk_set_palette.$q
# Walk the widget hierarchy, recoloring all existing windows.
# The option database must be set according to what we do here,
# but it breaks things if we set things in the database while
# we are changing, ::tk::RecolorTree now returns the
# option database changes that need to be made, and they
# need to be evalled here to take effect.
# We have to walk the whole widget tree instead of just
# relying on the widgets we've created above to do the work
# because different extensions may provide other kinds
# of widgets that we don't currently know about, so we'll
# walk the whole hierarchy just in case.
eval [tk::RecolorTree . new]
destroy .___tk_set_palette
# Change the option database so that future windows will get the
# same colors.
foreach option [array names new] {
option add *$option $new($option) widgetDefault
# Save the options in the variable ::tk::Palette, for use the
# next time we change the options.
array set ::tk::Palette [array get new]
# ::tk::RecolorTree --
# This procedure changes the colors in a window and all of its
# descendants, according to information provided by the colors
# argument. This looks at the defaults provided by the option
# database, if it exists, and if not, then it looks at the default
# value of the widget itself.
# Arguments:
# w - The name of a window. This window and all its
# descendants are recolored.
# colors - The name of an array variable in the caller,
# which contains color information. Each element
# is named after a widget configuration option, and
# each value is the value for that option.
proc ::tk::RecolorTree {w colors} {
upvar $colors c
set result {}
set prototype .___tk_set_palette.[string tolower [winfo class $w]]
if {![winfo exists $prototype]} {
unset prototype
foreach dbOption [array names c] {
set option -[string tolower $dbOption]
set class [string replace $dbOption 0 0 [string toupper \
[string index $dbOption 0]]]
if {![catch {$w configure $option} value]} {
# if the option database has a preference for this
# dbOption, then use it, otherwise use the defaults
# for the widget.
set defaultcolor [option get $w $dbOption $class]
if {$defaultcolor eq "" || \
([info exists prototype] && \
[$prototype cget $option] ne "$defaultcolor")} {
set defaultcolor [lindex $value 3]
if {$defaultcolor ne ""} {
set defaultcolor [winfo rgb . $defaultcolor]
set chosencolor [lindex $value 4]
if {$chosencolor ne ""} {
set chosencolor [winfo rgb . $chosencolor]
if {[string match $defaultcolor $chosencolor]} {
# Change the option database so that future windows will get
# the same colors.
append result ";\noption add [list \
*[winfo class $w].$dbOption $c($dbOption) 60]"
$w configure $option $c($dbOption)
foreach child [winfo children $w] {
append result ";\n[::tk::RecolorTree $child c]"
return $result
# ::tk::Darken --
# Given a color name, computes a new color value that darkens (or
# brightens) the given color by a given percent.
# Arguments:
# color - Name of starting color.
# perecent - Integer telling how much to brighten or darken as a
# percent: 50 means darken by 50%, 110 means brighten
# by 10%.
proc ::tk::Darken {color percent} {
foreach {red green blue} [winfo rgb . $color] {
set red [expr {($red/256)*$percent/100}]
set green [expr {($green/256)*$percent/100}]
set blue [expr {($blue/256)*$percent/100}]
if {$red > 255} {
set red 255
if {$green > 255} {
set green 255
if {$blue > 255} {
set blue 255
return [format "#%02x%02x%02x" $red $green $blue]
# ::tk_bisque --
# Reset the Tk color palette to the old "bisque" colors.
# Arguments:
# None.
proc ::tk_bisque {} {
tk_setPalette activeBackground #e6ceb1 activeForeground black \
background #ffe4c4 disabledForeground #b0b0b0 foreground black \
highlightBackground #ffe4c4 highlightColor black \
insertBackground black \
selectBackground #e6ceb1 selectForeground black \
troughColor #cdb79e
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