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* stdlib.h --
* Declares facilities exported by the "stdlib" portion of the C library.
* This file isn't complete in the ANSI-C sense; it only declares things
* that are needed by Tk. This file is needed even on many systems with
* their own stdlib.h (e.g. SunOS) because not all stdlib.h files declare
* all the procedures needed here (such as strtod).
* Copyright (c) 1991 The Regents of the University of California.
* Copyright (c) 1994-1998 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution of
* this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
#ifndef _STDLIB
#define _STDLIB
#ifndef _TCL
# include <tcl.h>
extern void abort(void);
extern double atof(const char *string);
extern int atoi(const char *string);
extern long atol(const char *string);
extern char * calloc(unsigned int numElements, unsigned int size);
extern void exit(int status);
extern int free(char *blockPtr);
extern char * getenv(const char *name);
extern char * malloc(unsigned int numBytes);
extern void qsort(void *base, int n, int size, int (*compar)(
const void *element1, const void *element2));
extern char * realloc(char *ptr, unsigned int numBytes);
extern double strtod(const char *string, char **endPtr);
extern long strtol(const char *string, char **endPtr, int base);
extern unsigned long strtoul(const char *string, char **endPtr, int base);
#endif /* _STDLIB */
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