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* tkColor.h --
* Declarations of data types and functions used by the Tk color module.
* Copyright (c) 1996-1997 by Sun Microsystems, Inc.
* See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution of
* this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
#ifndef _TKCOLOR
#define _TKCOLOR
#include "tkInt.h"
* One of the following data structures is used to keep track of each color
* that is being used by the application; typically there is a colormap entry
* allocated for each of these colors.
#define TK_COLOR_BY_NAME 1
#define COLOR_MAGIC ((unsigned int) 0x46140277)
typedef struct TkColor {
XColor color; /* Information about this color. */
unsigned int magic; /* Used for quick integrity check on this
* structure. Must always have the value
GC gc; /* Simple gc with this color as foreground
* color and all other fields defaulted. May
* be None. */
Screen *screen; /* Screen where this color is valid. Used to
* delete it, and to find its display. */
Colormap colormap; /* Colormap from which this entry was
* allocated. */
Visual *visual; /* Visual associated with colormap. */
int resourceRefCount; /* Number of active uses of this color (each
* active use corresponds to a call to
* Tk_AllocColorFromObj or Tk_GetColor). If
* this count is 0, then this TkColor
* structure is no longer valid and it isn't
* present in a hash table: it is being kept
* around only because there are objects
* referring to it. The structure is freed
* when resourceRefCount and objRefCount are
* both 0. */
int objRefCount; /* The number of Tcl objects that reference
* this structure. */
int type; /* TK_COLOR_BY_NAME or TK_COLOR_BY_VALUE. */
Tcl_HashEntry *hashPtr; /* Pointer to hash table entry for this
* structure. (for use in deleting entry). */
struct TkColor *nextPtr; /* Points to the next TkColor structure with
* the same color name. Colors with the same
* name but different screens or colormaps are
* chained together off a single entry in
* nameTable. For colors in valueTable (those
* allocated by Tk_GetColorByValue) this field
* is always NULL. */
} TkColor;
* Common APIs exported from all platform-specific implementations.
#ifndef TkpFreeColor
MODULE_SCOPE void TkpFreeColor(TkColor *tkColPtr);
MODULE_SCOPE TkColor * TkpGetColor(Tk_Window tkwin, Tk_Uid name);
MODULE_SCOPE TkColor * TkpGetColorByValue(Tk_Window tkwin, XColor *colorPtr);
#endif /* _TKCOLOR */
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