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'\" Copyright (c) 1994 The Regents of the University of California.
'\" Copyright (c) 1994-1996 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
'\" See the file "license.terms" for information on usage and redistribution
'\" of this file, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.
'\" RCS: @(#) $Id: Clipboard.3,v 1.2 1998/09/14 18:22:46 stanton Exp $
.so man.macros
.TH Tk_ClipboardClear 3 4.0 Tk "Tk Library Procedures"
Tk_ClipboardClear, Tk_ClipboardAppend \- Manage the clipboard
\fB#include <tk.h>\fR
\fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR(\fIinterp, tkwin\fR)
\fBTk_ClipboardAppend\fR(\fIinterp, tkwin, target, format, buffer\fR)
.AS Tk_ClipboardClear tkwin
.AP Tcl_Interp *interp in
Interpreter to use for reporting errors.
.AP Tk_Window tkwin in
Window that determines which display's clipboard to manipulate.
.AP Atom target in
Conversion type for this clipboard item; has same meaning as
\fItarget\fR argument to \fBTk_CreateSelHandler\fR.
.AP Atom format in
Representation to use when data is retrieved; has same meaning as
\fIformat\fR argument to \fBTk_CreateSelHandler\fR.
.AP char *buffer in
Null terminated string containing the data to be appended to the clipboard.
These two procedures manage the clipboard for Tk.
The clipboard is typically managed by calling \fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR
once, then calling \fBTk_ClipboardAppend\fR to add data for any
number of targets.
\fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR claims the CLIPBOARD selection and frees any
data items previously stored on the clipboard in this application.
It normally returns TCL_OK, but if an error occurs it returns
TCL_ERROR and leaves an error message in \fIinterp->result\fR.
\fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR must be called before a sequence of
\fBTk_ClipboardAppend\fR calls can be issued.
\fBTk_ClipboardAppend\fR appends a buffer of data to the clipboard.
The first buffer for a given \fItarget\fR determines the \fIformat\fR
for that \fItarget\fR.
Any successive appends for that \fItarget\fR must have
the same format or an error will be returned.
\fBTk_ClipboardAppend\fR returns TCL_OK if the buffer is
successfully copied onto the clipboard. If the clipboard is not
currently owned by the application, either
because \fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR has not been called or because
ownership of the clipboard has changed since the last call to
\fBTk_ClipboardAppend\fR returns TCL_ERROR and leaves an error message in
In order to guarantee atomicity, no event handling should occur
between \fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR and the following
\fBTk_ClipboardAppend\fR calls (otherwise someone could retrieve
a partially completed clipboard or claim ownership away from
this application).
\fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR may invoke callbacks, including arbitrary
Tcl scripts, as a result of losing the CLIPBOARD selection, so
any calling function should take care to be reentrant at the point
\fBTk_ClipboardClear\fR is invoked.
append, clipboard, clear, format, type
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