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Setup custom apex domain for your GitHub pages with Terraform
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This is collection of .tf files to setup custom apex domain for your GitHub pages. This does exactly same thing as the official documentation ("Tips for configuring an A record with your DNS provider") with Terraform, Atlas and DNSimple.

MIT License


It's better to use Atlas to store DNSimple API token and .tfstate on there. To use Atlas, you need to get API token and set it via env var.

$ export ATLAS_TOKEN=""

To Setup remote state storage on Atlas.

$ terraform remote config -backend-config "name=<username>/dns-gh-pages"

Upload terraform module to an Atlas server for remote infra management. Only first time, you will be asked DNSimple API token, email and domain name to register.

$ terraform push -name "<uername>/dns-gh-pages"


Check DNS is correctly configure or not.

$ dig +nostats +nocomments +nocmd
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