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Create CoreOS cluster on DigitalOcean by Vagrant
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Create CoreOS cluster on DigitalOcean by Vagrant MIT License

Vagrantfile and cloud-config to play with CoreOS on DigitalOcean.


To use this Vagrantfile, you need some setting.

Environmental variables

You need to set below environmental variables:

export TOKEN="" 
export SSH_KEY_NAME=""

You can get TOKEN from DigitalOcean console (you should make it with read and write autority). SSH_KEY_NAME is your ssh-key registered in DigitalOcean.

etcd token

And you need to generate new etcd token and write it in user-data.yml's etcd.service:

$ curl -w "\n"

Vagrant-digitalocean plugin

Now (2014.11), vagrant-digitalocean plugin is still 0.7 and we can't use user-data posting. But if you build it by yourself, you can use it.

$ git clone
$ gem build vagrant-digitalocean.gemspec
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-digitalocean-0.7.0.gem 


Decide how many cluste do you up:

$ export NUM_INSTANCES=3

And up it,

$ vagrant up --provider=digital_ocean



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