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+# Proto!MultiSelect
+Prototype version required: 6.0
+Copyright: InteRiders <> - Distributed under MIT - Keep this message!
+## Credits
+ - Idea: Facebook + Apple Mail
+ - Caret position method: Diego Perini <>
+ - Guillermo Rauch: Original MooTools script
+ - Ran Grushkowsky/InteRiders Inc. : Porting into Prototype and further development
+ - Loren Johnson, Venado Partners, LLC Modifications
+ - Zuriel Barron,
+## Changelog
+### 0.1
+ - translation of MooTools script
+### 0.2
+ - renamed from Proto!TextboxList to Proto!MultiSelect, added new features/bug fixes
+ - added feature: support to fetch list on-the-fly using AJAX Credit: Cheeseroll
+ - added feature: support for value/caption
+ - added feature: maximum results to display, when greater displays a scrollbar Credit: Marcel
+ - added feature: filter by the beginning of word only or everywhere in the word Credit: Kiliman
+ - added feature: shows hand cursor when going over options
+ - bug fix: the click event stopped working
+ - bug fix: the cursor does not 'travel' when going up/down the list Credit: Marcel
+### 0.3
+ - bug fix: moved class variables into initialize so they happen per instance. This allows multiple controls per page
+ - bug fix: added id_base attribute so that multiple controls on the same page have unique list item ids (won't work otherwise)
+ - feature: Added newValues option and logic to allow new values to be created when ended with a comma (tag selector use case)
+ - mod: removed ajax fetch file happening on every search and moved it to initialization to laod all results immediately and not keep polling
+ - mod: added "fetchMethod" option so I could better accomodate my RESTful ways and set a "get" for retrieving
+ - mod: added this.update to the add and dispose methods to keep the target input box values always up to date
+ - mod: moved ResizableTextBox, TextBoxList and FaceBookList all into same file
+ - mod: added extra line breaks and fixed-up some indentation for readability
+ - mod: spaceReplace option added to allow handling of new tag values when the tagging scheme doesn't allow spaces, this is set as blank by default and will have no impact
+### 0.4
+ - bug fix: fixed bug where it was not loading initial list values
+ - bug fix: new values are not added into the autocomplete list upon removal
+ - bug fix: improved browser compatibility (Safari, IE)
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