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Forbidden Panic

Forbidden Panic Title Forbidden Panic Gameplay

Forbidden Panic is a 2-4 player competitive local multiplayer game. Players assume the role of one of four occultists (red, green, blue and yellow) who are all racing through the Abyss in an attempt to claim forbidden relics. Each occultist possess a planar travel crystal that allows them to travel through their chosen plane (red, green, blue and yellow). However, in doing so, they force all other players into the plane of their color. Each planar crystal can be used by each player every few seconds creating a seemingly simple platforming challenge that is in a constant state of flux.

The current state of the game is a very simple prototype demonstrating basic gameplay. It's an unpolished, rough little experience, but it works!

Technology Notes

Forbidden Panic was created for Flash using Adobe AIR.

Libraries used in creating this game:


🎮 Gamepads are recommended for the best experience.

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Move left A F J ⬅️
Move right D H L ➡️
Jump W T I ⬆️
Swap S G K ⬇️

Demo Build

A playable demo build is currently available at