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Design Patterns in Javascript ES6

This will be a repository of how to use the Design Patterns from Gang of Four in your applications with Javascript.


  • Added Flyweight implementation.
  • Added Bridge implementation.
  • Added Prototype and Builder implementations.
  • All the Design Patterns have been refactored to ES6.
  • Added the Multi-Inheritance Design Patterns exclusive for ES6.
  • Added new Design Patterns exclusive from Javascript.
  • Added changes to index.html. Now you can check the code to be executed and the execution without open the console. Thanks -adamnbowen-

Design Patterns that you can find in this repository:

  • Adapter
  • Builder
  • Bridge
  • Chaining
  • Command
  • Composite
  • Composite Iterator
  • Compound (Use some design patterns together to solve a problem)
  • Decorator
  • Facade
  • Factory
  • Iterator
  • Lazy
  • Module
  • Module Revealed
  • Multi-Inheritance ES6
  • MVC
  • Namespace
  • Nullify
  • Observer
  • Prototype
  • Proxy
  • Singleton
  • State
  • Strategy
  • Template
  • Try-Finally

This repository contains a folder by each design pattern.

Inside these folders you can found, in some of them, other folders with numbers . This folders are the different steps to follow to arrive to the final resolution of the problem. You will understand it better if you have one copy of the book I recomend you before.

To transpile the code to ES5 you should execute gulp

Do you want to collaborate?

All constructive comments are welcome. I promise I will answer everyone.


Head First Design Patterns

Pro Javascript Design Patterns __