A list of 31 Javascript refactoring patterns, based on the '31 Days of Refactoring' book by Sean Chambers and Simone Chiaretta, with the applied solutions.
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01 Encapsullate Collection
02 Move Method
03 Pull Up Method
04 Push Down Method
05 Pull Up Field
06 Push Down Field
07 Rename (method, class, parameter)
08 Replace Inheritance with Delegation
09 Extract Interface
10 Extract Method
11 Switch to Strategy
12 Break Dependencies
13 Extract Method Object
14 Break Responsibilities
15 Remove Duplication
16 Encapsulate Conditional
17 Extract Superclass
18 Replace exception with conditional
19 Extract Factory Class
20 Extract SubClass
21 Collapse Hierarchy
22 Break Method
23 Introduce Parameter Object
24 Remove Arrowhead Antipattern
25 Introduce Design By Contract checks
26 Remove Double Negative
27 Remove God Classes
28 Rename boolean method
29 Remove Middle Man
30 Return ASAP
31 Replace conditional with Polymorphism