Dreamer of Electric Sheep, a BBC-Micro-style procedurally-generated text-adventure with sprites scraped from the web
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Dreamer of Electric Sheep

BBC-Micro-style procedurally-generated text adventure with sprites scraped from the web.


Locations and descriptions are generated from the ConceptNet database, a crowd-sourced machine-readable database of common sense knowledge about the world. Being crowd-sourced, it can contain offensive content and incorrect information. While I have done my best to blacklist the offensive content I've come across, the database is so huge that there is not much more I can feasibly do.

You can play a live version here: http://bytten-studio.com/games/dreamer/

A binary download is also linked there.

Running (download)

If you have the JAR download, ensure you have Java 1.5 installed and then simply double-click the JAR file.

You can also run it without the UI:

java -cp dreamer.jar CLI

Building (source)

Ensure you have sbt installed: www.scala-sbt.org

sbt assembly

You can also run it from source:

sbt run

The tests are currently all failing. Ignore them.


Dreamer of Electric Sheep is copyright 2014 Tom Coxon and licensed to you under the terms of the MIT license. http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

ConceptNet5 data is under the CC-BY-SA license. https://github.com/commonsense/conceptnet5/wiki/Copying-and-sharing-ConceptNet

The font in the applet game is "Beeb" by Andy Armstrong, under CC-BY-SA. http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/beeb

Spritely, which generates the sprites used in the game is public domain. https://github.com/gamesbyangelina/spritely

Spritely relies on Apache Commons libraries, under the Apache 2.0 license. http://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.html

The sprites automatically searched for and displayed in the game are from openclipart.org, which are all released into the public domain: https://openclipart.org/share

The blue-face protagonist sprites are also copyright Tom Coxon, but you can use them under the CC-BY-SA license if you like. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/


  • Fix tests - they fail right now
  • More info in html/index.html
  • Speed up spritely as much as possible: reduce search, reduce processing
  • Spritely loading/failed indication
  • Erase/delete/kill commands
  • Hint at actions the dreamer can perform while playing.
  • Referent qualifiers ("the other", "that", "this", "the first", "your", "the * from/in *", etc.)
  • More GameActions: open/close, questions (where, what).
  • Factoring Tells, e.g. "In the house, there is a cat and a dog." Might require Collection concepts.
  • Asking clarification: what, which
  • Enhancement? Add a "weird" adjective to objects spawned via dreamWeirdDefaults

Problems with ConceptNet

I intend to blog about these after #procjam finishes.

  • It can be offensive. Unfiltered, it will put gay people in closets and prostitutes in bedrooms.
  • Relations are sometimes reversed, e.g. restaurant AtLocation rice
  • No quantifiers - forall, thereexists.
  • Dual-meaning nodes: java IsA island, but java IsA program_language.
  • Lack of easily queriable transitivity.
  • HasA relationship isn't always between nouns, e.g. "The old person has a so much to teach us."
  • Related parts of the graph seem barely connected?

Good things about ConceptNet

  • The license! Hard to imagine CC-BY-SA being unacceptable to anyone reasonable.