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Workshop Salt Model

Reclass model for:

  • 1x Salt master
  • 3x OpenStack, OpenContrail control nodes
  • 2x Openstack compute nodes
  • 1x Ceilometer, Graphite metering nodes
  • 1x Sensu monitoring node
  • 1x Heka, ElasticSearch, Kibana node


  • Fork this repository
  • Make customizations according to your environment:
    • classes/system/openssh/server/single.yml
      • setup public SSH key
      • disable password auth
      • comment out root password
    • nodes/ and classes/system/reclass/storage/system/workshop.yml
      • fix IP addresses
      • fix domain
    • classes/system/openstack/common/workshop.yml
      • fix passwords and keys
      • fix IP addresses
    • classes/billometer/server/single.yml - set password
    • classes/system/graphite - set password

Open vStorage

If you want to deploy Open vStorage cluster, you should update classes/system/openvstorage/common/workshop.yml and set SSH key pair for communication between OVS components.

You can generate new key by running:

ssh-keygen -f ovs_cluster