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This release adds support for UTF-8 messages and template parsing. This adds the ability to have unicode characters in messages and subjects.

Or, put another way: EMOJI subject lines has arrived.
There is an emoji template bundle to test with. If you want to edit the templates, you need to store them outside the plugin by unzipping the templates file on your teamcity server and pointing the plugin at this location. See for details.

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This release adds the branch name to the email if the build is based on a VCS that TeamCity has branch support for.
This is probably only GIT and Mercurial at the moment.

Most people only need to download the main plugin. If you want to edit the templates, or need to store them outside the plugin, you can also download the templates zip file and unzip it on your teamcity server. See for details.

Apr 22, 2016
Fix versioning logic.
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A deprecated method for capturing the the test output was finally removed in TeamCity 9.1.6
This release uses the new method if the old one fails.

Download from sourceforge

or download from GitHub below.