WebHooks plugin for Teamcity. Supports many build states and payload formats.
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tcWebHooks - A TeamCity plugin to send webhooks for build events

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/tcplugins/tcWebHooks status license

tcWebHooks is a TeamCity plugin which sends webhook HTTP POST requests to a destination of your choice. WebHook POSTs for events are a great way to use an event driven architecture to get updates in other systems, rather than polling teamcity for build state changes.

Typical use cases include:

  • Posting messages to chat systems
  • Informing systems of events that should trigger an action. eg, deployment, packaging, etc
  • Controlling hardware like a lava lamp, build bunny, etc.
  • Anything else that would like to know about an event, rather than having to poll.


Standard features

  • WebUI for creating webhooks
  • A customizable webhook body via various different means (templates, build properties, custom parameters)
  • Can be triggered from many different events in the build lifecycle
  • WebHook Templates, for specification of a payload format once and re-use across multiple webhook configurations
  • A set of templates for common services. Eg, Slack and MatterMost, Flowdock, ElasticSearch
  • A standard list of variables which can be used for assembling a custom payload (eg, ${buildStatusUrl}), as well as access to the TeamCity build properties (eg, ${teamcity.agent.jvm.os.name}).
  • Basic Auth and Bearer Token Authentication

Advanced Features

  • Support for using a proxy for outbound requests.
  • Regular Expression Filter support , which allows conditionally controlling an event based on text in the webhook properties
  • A REST API for creating/modifying webhook templates (with a plan to support creating/editing webhooks in the future)
  • Custom Headers for when your endpoint just expects something specific in a header
  • Import and export of webhook templates for sharing via REST API
  • Control of HTTP timeouts

Requesting Help

The wiki is a good first point of call for help with getting started, and configuring tcWebHooks. If you find a bug or believe there is a missing feature, please create an issue on Github. For questions and discussions, there is also a Gitter chat setup. Please bear in mind that I also have a full time job, a wife and kids, and am probably not in your timezone. Hopefully over time we'll build up a group of people that can help if I'm not online.

Documentation Bug and Feature Requests Chat/Discussion
tcWebHooks Wiki tcWebHooks Issues tcWebHooks on Gitter


WebHook Creation/Editing screen

Screenshot showing the "Add New WebHook" screen

WebHook Template Payload Editing screen

Screenshot showing the "Edit Build Event Template" screen

Error logging screen in Admin Tab

Screenshot showing the "WebHooks Admin tab"