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netwolfuk commented Feb 14, 2017 edited

I am trying to determine how much effort I should invest in supporting older versions of TeamCity, and where to focus future development.

There are some new features if TeamCity 10 which I would like to migrate to, and I am wondering how many tcWebHooks users would be affected by discontinuing support for versions 9.x and below.

Also, how tcWebHooks is being used, and what payload formats are popular

Could you please add a comment to this issue indicating the following:

  1. TeamCity version and OS
  2. tcWebHooks major version: eg, 0.9 or 1.1
  3. If 1.1, are you using custom templates you've written yourself?
  4. What payload formats do you use?
  5. Are your endpoints internal to your company, external (eg, slack, hipchat, etc) or both.
  6. What's the best and/or worst thing about tcWebHooks?

Thanks, Net Wolf.

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mrinc commented Feb 15, 2017


  1. 10 / Windows
  2. 0.9.8 (Would like to upgrade, but can only upgrade to a stable release)
  3. I'd like to but are awaiting 1.1
  4. JSON mainly, but as we can't push up to MatterMost with your plugin, its not being used as much.
  5. Yes
  • Best: Having freaking web hooks instead of having to poll TC!
  • Worst: Waiting for the stable release :D

In my opinion, I'd drop support for TC9 if there is substantial features available in TC10 so that the plugin is able to advance and be better rather than limiting it.
You can always branch for TC9 and just do bug fixes separately if really necessary for people still on TC9.



Thanks @mrinc for taking the time to reply.

I set the lofty goal of writing a REST API and using that from the UI for managing the new templates and webhook config. However, in TC10, one can now store project config in a way that can be managed by the existing REST API, somewhat negating the requirement for mine.

Based on all the feedback so far ;-) , I will abandon the API, and focus on getting templates editable in the UI and then releasing a stable release. Then I will work on transitioning to the new TC 10 config storage model (and providing the kotlin DSL for editing it).

Thanks for making me aware of MatterMost. That should be possible to support already (certainly in the 1.1 alphas). I'll take a look into it.

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