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epiblitikos Update friendly.yml to exclude random enemy_damage
Per the website--and personal experience--this can result in a full cast of high damage enemies.
Extra weight is given to the "shuffled" value instead.
Latest commit 34d8e20 Jan 10, 2020
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bigjon.yaml adding bigjon weightset Dec 20, 2019
daily.yaml update daily weights to match what is currently live Nov 29, 2019
friendly.yaml Update friendly.yml to exclude random enemy_damage Jan 11, 2020
itemonly.yaml fix sword weights to be in line with weighted Dec 11, 2019
league.yaml Add league weights Jan 2, 2020
owg.yaml switch random weightsets to yaml files Sep 28, 2019
pogchampion.yaml updating pogchampion weightset Nov 25, 2019
unweighted.yaml stop gap measure to prevent swordless entrance on hard+ item pool unt… Dec 23, 2019
weighted.yaml update weighted's swords Nov 25, 2019
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