A self-hosted JavaScript compiler for the JVM. Written in CoffeeScript.
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c[_] Mug 0.2, easy JavaScript for your JVM

Mug is a simple, static JavaScript compiler for the JVM, written in CoffeeScript (and self-hosted!). Mug targets Java 6 and focuses on simplicity and file size.

Getting Started

$ git clone git://github.com/timcameronryan/mug.git mug
$ cd mug/mug-compiler/test
$ export CLASSPATH=../mug-runtime-0.2.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar:../asm-3.3.jar:../lib/mug-compiler.jar 
$ java js.mug.compiler hello-world.js
$ java -cp $CLASSPATH:out js.hello_world
Hello world!


  • Version 0.2 (2011/10/04) Aaaand we're back. Mug compiler rewritten in CoffeeScript, and now self-hosting! Speed/API improvements, better ECMAScript support. The old Clojure version has been tagged and locked away.

    Started mug-nodelib project to emulate the Node API.

  • Version 0.1 (2011/01/08) Initial release.

The Compiler

Compile modules with mug-compiler.jar and asm-3.3.jar:

java -cp lib/mug-compiler.jar:asm-3.3.jar js.mug.compiler module.js [path/to/module2.js path/to/module3.js ...]

  --output, -o <arg>    Output directory (default "out")
  --jar, -j <arg>       Create jar archive in output directory
  --namespace, -n <arg>  Namespace to use for subsequent modules (default "")

In your output directory, your class files or a jar archive are written out.

Mug takes the basename of each file and compiles it into the "js" package. For example, the file "module.js", becomes the class "js.module". You can specify namespace parameters with the "-n" parameter, i.e. "module.js" with namespace "storefront" becomes "js.storefront.module". The "-n" parameter can be used multiple times and applies to all subsequent files specified.

The Runtime

Mug includes a small runtime (180kb) to bootstrap compiled modules. Mug modules can be run directly or included from other scripts. Include the mug-runtime.jar to run your module:

java -cp mug-compiler.jar:my-module.jar js.my_module

Mug has built-in support for CommonJS-style require(). All modules loaded are either relative to the current package ("js.storefront.module" calls require("./models"), loading "js.storefront.models"), or loaded from Mug's global package (ie "java", mug-nodelib, etc. See Libraries below).

You can use Mug's "java" module to interact with Java classes directly from JavaScript:

var java = require("java")
var swing = java.import("javax.swing") // get a Package object
var frame = new swing.JFrame("Window")
frame.add(new swing.JButton("Click me"))
frame.setSize(new java.lang.Integer(200), 200) // java.lang/io/util needs no import

You can also run a compiled module programmatically in Java. It returns the "exports" object:

import js.my_module;
import mug.runtime.*;
JSObject fs = js.my_module.load(); // returns the exports object
String id = JSUtils.asString(fs.get("id")); // JSUtils has functions to coerce types
((JSFunction) fs.get("open")).invoke(null, "somefile.txt"); // use invoke(thsObj, args...) to call functions

For authoring Mug modules in Java, please see the Wiki.

Where's my standard library? CommonJS support?

Libraries between Java implementations differ drastically. As such, Mug by default only includes the "java" module, leaving the choice of standard library up to the user:

  • If you're interested in Node.js API compatibility, see my other hosted GitHub project, "mug-nodelib".
  • If you're interested in CommonJS support, feel free to start a project! I'll work with you to get your code up and running.

Mug? Why? How?

  • Compared to Rhino, favors static compilation and small runtime vs. large interpreter.
  • Minimal overhead. Runtime library mug-compile.jar is ~180kb.
  • Consistent, easily debuggable compiled output.
  • It's a neat party trick.

The Mug compiler is written in CoffeeScript and self-hosted, and is easily extensible.

The Mug runtime is written in Java and developed in Eclipse.

NOTE: Mug is still alpha-quality software, and bug reports are a Good Thing. Support for ECMAScript features is generally added incrementally. Mug is stable enough to run one major application (the Mug compiler itself), but there is no assurance it will run everything. File a bug and support will be added ASAP.


Mug is copyright 2010-2011 Tim Cameron Ryan.
Released under the MIT/BSD license.

Compiler libraries: parse-js CL library ported to JavaScript in 2010 by Mihai Bazon, released under the BSD license. See UglifyJS on Github.
ASM Bytecode Manipulation Framework copyright (c) OW2 Consoritum, released under the BSD license.

Runtime libraries: json-simple JSON parsing library copyright (c) fangyidong, released under Apache 2.0 license.
jakarta-oro Java text-processing classes (c) The Apache Software Foundation, released under the Apache 2.0 license.