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REST made easy. A library for easily consuming REST APIs in Node.js or the browser.
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REM: REST easy.

VERSION: 0.3.0

This is the common repository for all REM implementations. It contains several default manifests for various popular REST APIs.


This is wildly subject to change. :3


  • base — The beginning part of the URL, that is unchanged for all API calls. For instance, Tumblr API calls start with This property can be a string, or an array of [regexString, base] to match against the URL. Dropbox uses the host, except for file content, which uses The value of base for Dropbox is [["^/(files(_put)?|thumbnails)/.*", ""], ""].
  • suffix — Suffix for the API call. e.g. "suffix": ".json"
  • params — A string map of default query parameters to use. Version 3 of the Google Docs API has a required v=3 parameter, and so has a params value of {"v": "3"}.
  • configParams — A string map of default query parameters to use from the API configuration. Usually APIs are defined with a key and a secret parameter, but this

  • format — A hash map of formats that the API can return, out of xml or json. Each format is a map of properties to combine with the top-level object, e.g. {"xml": {"params": {"format": "xml"}}}

  • uploadFormat — Format that uploads should be submitted as. One of json or form.

  • auth — Object describing the authentication type of this API. The "type" parameter specifies the auth type. All other options are auth-specific.

oauth Authentication

  • "version" — One of "1.0", "1.0a", or "2.0"
  • "scopeSeparator" — Separator for scope values. Google Docs uses , Facebook uses ,, etc.
  • "validate" — Endpoint (sans base or suffix) to hit to see if the credentials are still valid.
  • "oob" — Boolean. If authentication can be done without a server (out-of-band).
  • "oobVerifier" — Boolean. If out-of-band authentication requires a verification code. Dropbox doesn't, Twitter does, etc.
  • "oobCallback" — String. Value to be used in place of a callback URL when doing out-of-band authentication. This value is "oob" for some services, or omitted in other services.
  • "requestEndpoint", "accessEndpoint", "authorizeEndpoint" — OAuth 1.0 only. Full URL endpoints for OAuth services.
  • "base" — OAuth 2.0 only. Base URL for all OAuth endpoints.

cookies Authentication

  • "cookies" — a string array of cookies to preserve for your authentication session.

aws-signature Authentication

This object has no properties. Used for AWS query-signing Signature property.

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