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Clojure comonads. Based on the algo.monads package.

Clojars Project


Every concept in category theory has an opposite or "dual" formed by refersing the direction of morphisms. These duals are denoted with the "co-" prefix. Just like monads generalise the concept of a computational context, comonads generalise the concept of a machine.

Comonads must define the following functions:

  • w-extract :: Comonad w => w a -> a takes a comonadic value and returns the value "in focus"
  • w-duplicate :: Comonad w => w a -> w (w a) wraps the comonadic value in another layer
  • w-fmap :: Comonad w => (a -> b) -> w a -> w b comonads are also functors. This works just like any other fmap

The functions w-extract and w-duplicate are duals of m-result and m-join respectively. The comonadic function w-extend is the dual of m-bind. Whereas monads are usually defined in terms of m-result and m-bind (letting m-join be defined as (partial m-bind identity)), I have made the decision to define comonads in terms of w-extend and w-duplicate instead of w-extend (letting w-extend be defined as (fn [f w] (fmap f (w-duplicate w)))) because it makes the implementation a little easier to work out.

See the universe comonad implementation and the cellular automata example for a fun use case.