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Erlang port driver for interacting with syslog via syslog(3)
Erlang C
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Erlang driver for syslog

This is an erlang port driver for interacting with syslog.

Installing it

./rebar compile
sudo ./rebar install

Trying it

You should have a look at syslog.h

In an other shell :

$ tail -f /var/log/sylsog

Or, for mac users :

$ tail -f /var/log/system.log

In erlang shell :

$ erl
> syslog:start().
> syslog:open("Beuha", [cons, perror, pid], local0).
> syslog:log(err, "Damned").


syslog:open(Ident, Logopt, Facility)

Ident is an arbitrary string Logopt is an atom or array of atom, you can use a number if you're brave enough :

  • pid
  • cons
  • odelay
  • ndelay
  • perror

Facility is an atom :

  • kern
  • user
  • mail
  • daemon
  • auth
  • syslog
  • lpr
  • news
  • uucp
  • cron
  • authpriv
  • ftp
  • netinfo
  • remoteauth
  • install
  • ras
  • local0
  • local1
  • local2
  • local3
  • local4
  • local5
  • local6
  • local7

syslog:log(Priority, Message)

Priority can be a number or better, an atom :

  • emerg
  • alert
  • crit
  • err
  • warning
  • notice
  • info
  • debug

Message is a String


  • Not a full OTP application
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