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MacOS running in dell 7591
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FakeEthernet Up to version 2 Nov 3, 2019
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Dell Inspiron 7591

  • This build running on MacOs X
  • Tested in 10.14.6 and 10.15/10.15.1

Alt text

I. Detail

Version:    2
Date:       03/11/2019
Support:    All BIOS
    - Change audio layout to 13, update AppleALC to 1.4.3
    - Few more tweaks to improve stability of this hack
    - Retweaks Combojack
    - Add SSDT-ALS0 for save brightness value
    - Update SSDT-TB3 to V3.1
    - Add more pci properties
    - Kexts to lastest version
    - VoodooI2C now running in GPIO mode instead of Polling
    - Support MacOS Catalina 10.15.1
Status: Stable

II. System specification

1.Name:           Dell Inspiron 7591
2.CPU:            Intel Core i5-9300H
3.Graphic:        Intel UHD630
4.Wifi/B:         Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560 ( Replaced with DW1820a - See below )
5.Card Reader:    Realtek Memory Card Reader 
6.Camera:         DELL UVC HD
7.Audio:          ALC295!
8.Touchpad:       ELAN I2C ( Dell Precision Trackpad )
9.Bios Version:   1.4.0

III. Thing will not able to use

1. DGPU Nvidia 1050 (Disabled through ssdt)
2. Fingerprint (Disabled through usb inject)
3. Intel wifi card

IV. Tested hardware

+ Speaker/Headphone work
+ Linein through headset work
+ Type C USB work (Thunderbolt not tested yet)
+ Type C Graphic output work
+ ! HDMI work
+ All usb port work
+ SD card reader work
+ Camera work
+ Trackpad smooth as F
+ Battery work
+ All function key expect above numpad work
+ Keyboard and numpad work normal
+ UHD630 work

V. Benchmark

+ Cinebench R20: MC - 1810
+ Geekbench 5: MC - 4158, SC - 1031

VI. Know problems

1. Internal mic (Pls help me if you master of AppleHDA, other linux it dead too)
2. HDMI audio ( Need research more)
2. Need more testing...

VII. Important thing

> All kext below should be updated from my git for this laptop:
    + AppleALC.kext ( Verb changed to support ALC295 in 7591, layout 13 modified to work with combojack )
        > Find it here:
        > Find Combojack here:
    + CustomPeripheral.kext ( Fake apple device, change it if you have different devices )
    + VoodooPS2Controller.kext ( Fixed panic when work with voodooi2c )
    + CPUFriendDataProvider.kext is for my 9300H, maybe it different for you, using to regenerate it if your cpu is different. 

> After update or install MacOS: Please run rebuilt your kext ( Using Kext Utility or something can handle it ) for stablity and your stoping trackpad.

VIII. Step to install

1. Prepair an Mac installer in USB with Clover added ( Use unibeast to create it )
2. Replace EFI folder in USB EFI partition with this shipped EFI folder
3. Boot into USB and select MacOs installer
4. First boot Trackpad will not work, need and mouse connect through USB, Follow mac install instruction you can find it on tonymacx86 or other hackintosh forum
5. After install success, boot into MacOS, run ComboJack Alc295/ComboJack_Installer/ in terminal
6. Use Kext Utility to rebuild kext then reboot
7. This time trackpad and audio will working normally, then you need to use Clover EFI bootloader to install clover to EFI partition
8. After install success, using Clover Configurator to mount your USB EFI partition then copy it to your System EFI.
9. After System EFI replaced by your EFI, Using Clover Configurator to change SMBIOS, generate your serial and MBL
10. Optional to fix iMessenger if you dont have compatible wifi card
    + Go to an click GenerateIP and pick an Mac address
    + Put it into SSDT-RMNE.dsl in fake ethernet like below and save as aml file then copy to ACPI/Patched in clover
    + Copy NullEthernet.kext into your clover->kexts->other
    > Login iCloud and iMessenger, enjoy MacOS

Alt text

IX. WIFI Replacement

Using new card ( DW1820A tested)

Using DW1820a

+ Mine is CN-0VW3T3 0x106B:0x0021, not tested in other verizon yet
+ You need masked your pin like this:
+ Add flag below into boot flag
+ Add Devices below into Clover -> Devices -> Properties
    + PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1d,0x6)/Pci(0x0,0x0)
        > AAPL,slot-name: WLAN
        > compatible: pci14e4,4353
        > device_type: Airport Extreme
        > model: DW1820A (BCM4350) 802.11ac Wireless
        > name: Airport

+ Add kext to clover:
    + AirportBrcmFixup.kext
    + BrcmBluetoothInjector.kext
    + BrcmFirmwareData.kext
    + BrcmPatchRAM3.kext
    + BT4LEContinuityFixup.kext (Handoff fix? maybe)
    brcmfx-driver=1 brcmfx-country=#a #(wifi fix)
    bpr_probedelay=100 bpr_initialdelay=300 bpr_postresetdelay=300 #(blue fix after sleep)

<> Other support card like DW1560 and DW1830 you can google and test it, much easy than DW1820A

Using usb wifi

+ Suggest Comfast cf-811ac 
+ Using to make it run in mojave and catalina

X. Undervolt script

+Too f**king hot?
> Go here:


+ @bavariancake []
+ @sicreative []
+ @hackintosh-stuff []
+ @LuletterSoul []
+ @chris1111 []
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