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TcUnit - TwinCAT unit testing framework

Welcome to the documentation TcUnit - an xUnit testing framework for Beckhoff's TwinCAT3.

TwinCAT logo

Main documentation site is available on:

What is test driven development and unit testing?
Familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and specifics for TcUnit.

Want to know how to get started?
Read the user guide.

Want to see a more advanced programming example?
Read the programming example.

Want to download a precompiled version of the library?
Go to the releases.

Want to include TcUnit tests into a CI/CD pipeline?
Check out the TcUnit-Runner project.

Want to contribute to the project?
That's fantastic! But please read the CONTRIBUTING first.

Have any questions? Found a bug or want to discuss an idea?
Check the F.A.Q. Check the open and closed issues. If your issue does not already exist, create a new. For general ideas/discussions, use the discussions.