Let's you connect your laptop to the iPhone to surf the web.
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tcurdt merged most commits from jeromelebel
  3923704 adding auto save for the window
  6f01197 0 is not a valid port neither
  e390a7d need to remove from receiving notification
  b75e1a7 adding a method to know which interface will be used to reach the iphone
  e9d78be problem to update the start button label
  2a59999 now we store a dictionary instead of just the netservice
  550512d adding declaration
  64e7b4e Merge remote branch 'tcurdt/master'
  c16878c adding again the clickable urls
  f5f6a9f needs to disable the button
  841a3a9 one step towards to remove the interface from the UI, the user should not have to choose the interface for the proxy
  7b493db cleanup in the bonjour services
  6b7b2d4 if we can't get the current ip, return 500
  aeab078 we don't need to choose the interface
  02cffd6 Problem between the interface name and the device name (starting to work again, but not done yet)
  052eac2 don't try set a proxy when there is no device to reach it
  a6a54b2 it should work all the time at launch when using the automatic option
  437f697 quit the application when there is no proxy enabled
  875726b listen to all interfaces
  639e70e close all sockets before while stoping, so we can open the socket again
  422e250 listen to all interfaces for the http proxy, too,
  d88fcf2 use the host name instead of the ip (no more dependant to an interface, yeah \!)

also separated out the Mac project,
renamed the Mac project to "agent" at that is what it should become
Latest commit 188599c Oct 6, 2010


At least when you don't want to jailbreak your iPhone so far you've had only one option if you want to connect from your laptop via iPhone to the internet. And that's paying an additional fee to your mobile carrier to provide you with the signed tethering profile.

iProxy does not give you tethering - it just gives you the next best thing. A http and a socks proxy on your iPhone. Similar to the famous netshare app did before it got pulled from the App Store.

iProxy is not as convenient as the real tethering. The internet connection is a few clicks more away. But if you've got a developer certificate (or have a friend that has one) it certainly is cheaper than handing out the money to your favorite telco. Especially if you only need this connection every now and then.

iProxy is just an evening hack of a project so it's far from perfect. But iProxy is released under the Apache license and freely available on github. So fork away if you want to see something fixed.

This is to give back to the community ...and to stop the ripoff madness.

Feel free to give some feedback via twitter.


Please check the following links for getting iProxy configured.