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Converts UIF to ISO files
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Opening UIF files on Mac

You've got a UIF file from a friend and have no clue how to use it on your Mac? No need to go and boot up your old Windows PC (if you still have one). Just drop the file into UIF2ISO for Mac and it will convert it into a standard ISO format. The ISO you can just use with OSX. Open it. Burn it. It's really that simple.

No command line knowledge required. In finder just drag your file on to the program icon or open it from the file menu. It will convert your file at a snap.

The project is a old and needs some love. Binary releases are no longer available but you can get source code from github.

git clone git://

If there is enough demand for a binary release I might look into it.

This software is based on the command line tool uif2iso by Luigi Auriemma and so is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

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