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Script to split a raw image into its component colours
Visual Basic
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Script to split a .CR2 raw image into its component colours. This is particularly useful for Astrophotography, in imaging with a Hydrogen-Alpha filter on a DSLR.



DCRaw -


Install GIMP

Download the Debayer.vbs script

Download DCRaw, place it in the same folder as the Debayer.vbs script

Drag the .CR2 raw image onto the Debayer.vbs script - This will convert the image using DCRaw and create a .bat file

When the script is completed, run the debayer.bat file it creates - This will use GIMP to split the image into four .tiff files


DCRaw's documentation can be found at

By default, the script makes DCRaw do a linear Gamma conversion. This can be changed by uncommenting a line in the script.

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