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Advanced camera timelapse slider
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Advanced camera timelapse slider

By Tyler Gerritsen

For description see

UI Manual:

Menu can be navigated using UP / DOWN buttons

Main Menu:

Move: RIGHT to select and manually move camera, T_RIGHT to revert to last target's theta

Set Target: RIGHT to set a target, LEFT to reset all targets

Set C Zero: RIGHT to set current C position as zero (Camera facing straight back at rotator)

Total Time: LEFT / RIGHT / T_LEFT / T_RIGHT to increase / decrease total timelapse time

If Total Time = 0, photos will be taken at max speed.
The minimum total time (if NOT 0) is calculated by the controller.  A shorter amount of time cannot be selected.
This is done to guarantee that the photos are equichronilogical (same time between photos).

Number Shots: LEFT / RIGHT / T_LEFT / T_RIGHT to increase / decrease number of photos in timelapse

Shutter Time: LEFT / RIGHT / T_LEFT / T_RIGHT to increase / decrease shutter open time

Start IR: RIGHT to set current position as distance to subject and ending theta

NEXT: LEFT / RIGHT to move camera about subject, T_RIGHT to set as start position and start timelapse

Start EnE: RIGHT to move to first target position and begin timelapse, moving straight to second target position

Settings: RIGHT to enter Settings submenu



T_LEFT: Go back to main menu

T_RIGHT: Toggle primary / secondary rotation

LEFT / RIGHT: Rotate primary or secondary rotator

UP / DOWN: Extend or retract boom


If the subject position is set, an asterisk will appear on the Moving screen when a complete rotation cannot be completed.


A, C: Steps per Rad. Adjust using LEFT / RIGHT.

B: Steps per MM. Adjust using LEFT / RIGHT.

bMin, bMax: Boom extension limits. Adjust using LEFT / RIGHT / T_LEFT / T_RIGHT.

A Manual Calibrate: Make exactly one half turn to set the A coefficient. LEFT / RIGHT to move A, T_RIGHT to set as one half turn.

Camera Side: RIGHT to reverse secondary rotator direction polarity.

Test Shutter: RIGHT to activate shutter (for testing connection).

Back: RIGHT to save settings and return to main menu.


When connected to a PC, the recent history can be printed by entering 'h/'.

A dummy IR program can be set by entering 's/'.

The A, B, and C coefficients can be set by the 'aXXX/', 'bXXX/', and 'cXXX/' commands.

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