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The Uncloak Project

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Uncloak™ is a unique and fully scalable blockchain powered technology that enables businesses to monitor, protect themselves against and eliminate cyber threats, staying one step ahead of the hacker.

Uncloak™ has already spent one year developing an MVP (a Minimum Viable Product) which is available as a demo due to Uncloak’s expertise in the cyber security space working with many small to large enterprise clients who have similar security requirements in protecting their infrastructure and who seek a systematic approach to thwarting would-be hackers. The existing Uncloak application developed in-house that has the current features:

  • Automatically identify a client’s public internet footprint covering websites, email servers, applications and computers on the internet in readiness for a security scan greatly reducing the timescales around security scanning setup.
  • Easy to understand dashboard to check progress of scans and reports, request external IT consultancy and set up schedule scanning jobs
  • Black Hat (*) mode – Uncloak Software is able to simulate a live hack attempt against an email server and also check a client’s antivirus protection.

(*) A black hat test would simulate what an actual hacker would do to gain access to a corporate computer system.

Project Status

This project is in alpha and is not yet suitable for production.

While in alpha, the API is subject to breaking changes.

View our full project roadmap here:

Current Demo Features

Uncloak™ currently includes the following capabilities:

  • Domain profiling
  • Vulnerability scanning for known CVE's
  • Email spoofing analysis and mitigation
  • Comprehensive reporting dashboard categorised by severity with ability to generate and download PDF copy
  • CVE summary with proposed solution


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Uncloak Demo



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