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  • Nicer YAML syntax for SQL backend.

  • Handle SQL NULL more leniently in the SQL backend; NULL values in the result set are now passed to Ginger as null, rather than failing.
  • Multi-query SQL backend: the SQL backend now accepts an alternative spec syntax. Instead of query and params, it can now also take just one queries key, containing a list of query string + params array pairs. Queries are executed against the params they come with, in order, and all the queries in the backend are run within the same transaction.
  • Turned on partial pattern match warnings, and fixed them all.
  • Added a missing template in an example project
  • Expose backend data in templated rule specs. This means that it is now possible to change, for example, the selected template, or the redirect target, based on backend data.

  • Serve html as utf-8 on apache for baked site
  • Bugfix: Put baked .htaccess in the correct directory

  • Generate .htaccess when baking

  • Make the 'bake' command also generate a 404 page

  • Added 'bake' command, putting sprinkles in static site generator mode.

  • Upped Ginger version, adding {% switch %}.