Script to assist in migrating existing Request Tracker (tm) systems to Redmine (tm) systems
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== Changes by github/tdb

The changes I've made in this fork at purely for my own benefit.
They're likely not useful as-is to others, but I'm sharing them
here anyway in case someone wants to cherry pick one out.

Unless your situation is identical to mine this copy of the script
is unlikely to do what you want.

== Introduction

This project was meant for transitioning from an RT based tracking system to Redmine.

This script was tested with RT 3.8.4 and Redmine 1.0.4


This script was created as a bare minimum to get a targeted RT installation to a redmine instance. Not all features are supported, or converted properly.

It would seem the entire migration could be done via the transaction table instead of 'mapping' things, but that's a project for another day.

== Usage

OPTIONAL: for converting html text to textile. download and install otherwise RT plaintext is migrated.

Copy migrate_from_rt3.rake into the {redmine}/lib/tasks directory (with the other rake tasks).

execute $rake redmine:migrate_from_rt3 RAILS_ENV={production/development/test}


Licensed using the MIT (

Read: I don't care what you do, I just don't want to be liable for anything.

== Targets for migrating


RT3					Redmine
Custom Fields	=>	Issue Custom Fields
Tickets			=>	Issues
Queues			=>	Projects (or attributes of projects)
Users			=>	Users
Groups			=>	Groups