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microba project

Microba controls is a set of JFC (Swing) components.


This project is on hiatus.

For a date picker with support for JSR-310 check out LGoodDatePicker

This is the new home of Microba Project. It was previously hosted on here


CalendarPane DatePicker DatePickerCellEditor

  • Locale aware
  • TimeZone aware
  • Supports null date (nullable)
  • Internationalized (i18n), easy to add your language
  • Holidays/weekends model
  • Restricted dates model
  • Number of week
  • Look&Feel aware
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Focus lost behaviors
  • Visual styles
  • Color overriding (NEW)
  • Flexible, extensible


  • Multiple draggable marks
  • Immovable marks
  • Colored marks
  • Horizontal/vertical alignment
  • Flipped marks

GradientBar GradientEditor

  • Key-point based palette
  • Linear color interpolation
  • Horizontal/vertical alignment

Birdview (for JGraph libary)

  • Provides overview (bird-eyes view) of a JGraph component
  • Tracks viewport size and position, graph changes, scaling etc.
  • Pannning with the mouse


Microba currently uses Maven for its build.

mvn install


Wiki - FAQ