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  1. What version of Java is supported? Microba will compile and run on Java 1.4 and newer.
  2. What is JGoodies and do I need it to use Microba? JGoodies is an excellent set of libraries found at www.jgoodies.com. They can help you all the way in your Swing applications. However, you DO NOT need any of them to use Microba.
  3. Does Microba depend on any 3rd party libraries? Only if you use Birdview component you need JGraph library.
  4. Is Microba free? Any gotchas? Microba is FREE for any purposes. Currently, it is licensed under BSD license. You can do whatever you want with the code.
  5. Why do you give Microba out for FREE? I use lots of free high-quality code every day. By giving out Microba for free I contribute back to the free software community.
  6. I hope one day you will realize it too and join us with YOUR project. And remember: all the best things in the life are for free...
  7. How can I help? Please, contribute your ideas, improvements. Report bugs. You can also contribute transalations for components (see Home page), translation of this web-site materials, tutorials, examples, demos.
  8. I have found a BUG! What do I do? Please, put your detailed bug report into the issue tracker. Provide as much info as you can get, include the full stack trace. Try to come up with a minimal standalone example to help reproduce the issue.
  9. I have trouble using Microba! Where to get help? Use mailing list or forum. Read the Microba source code to understand your problem.
  10. I have an improvement / I need a feature. What do I do? Try to implement the feature you need yourself and contribute your changes back to Microba. Also, you may leave a feature request.
  11. What projects use Microba? (in random order, list may not current)
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Instant JChem
  • JabRef
  • iReport
  • PatientOS
  • Amphora Wine Log If you are using Microba in your project, please contact me to put it on the list.
  1. Can I change the icon(s) used in Microba? Yes. Just replace the icon in the sources with your own and recompile. Alternatively, you can replace the icon file(s) in binary (already compiled) jar file.
  2. Can the size of the compiled library be reduced? Can I remove parts of the library if I don't use them? If you do not use all the components in Microba, you can cut the unused classes from the sources and recompile the library. Each component resides in a separated package that can easily be removed. However, that package named 'com.michaelbaranov.microba.common' is used by all the components and can not be removed. You can also strip down any debug information from the compiled classes.
  3. Can I specify time along with the date in DatePicker? DatePicker allows for specifying time component along with the date. Make sure that: 1) keepTime property is true; 2) stripTime is false; 3) dateFormat has time fields;
  4. Can I use DatePicker as an editor for a JTree cell or JTable cell? Yes you can. There is DatePickerCellEditor adaptor.
  5. Is color overriding possible? How it works? Currently some color overriding is possible for DatePicker and CalendarPane components. You can override colors for components on per-instance and/or per-Look&Feel basis. The rules of color lookup for a component are: If the color is overriden for this compoent, it is used If the color is overriden for this Look&Feel, it is used Default value is used otherwise See javadocs for each component and for the class com.michaelbaranov.microba.Microba for more info.
  6. Why one may need to override colors per Look&Feel? For example you may not be pleased with how default colors are selectd for certain L&F. You have a chance to fix it in your product by overriding some colors for this L&F only, not affecting other L&Fs. This will result in all instances of certain component under this L&F have modified colours.
  7. Is it possible to specify UIManager's String constants instead of Color values while overriding colors? Yes. You may specify a Color value directly or a String constant to be resolved via UIManager#getColor()
  8. Is it possible to programmaticlly change visible month/year in CalendarPane without changing currently selected date? Yes. Use CalendarPane#observeMonth(int,int)
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