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package stripe
import (
// Plan Intervals
const (
IntervalMonth = "month"
IntervalYear = "year"
// Plan holds details about pricing information for different products and
// feature levels on your site. For example, you might have a $10/month plan
// for basic features and a different $20/month plan for premium features.
// see
type Plan struct {
Id string `json:"id"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Amount int64 `json:"amount"`
Interval string `json:"interval"`
Currency string `json:"currency"`
TrialPeriodDays Int `json:"trial_period_days"`
Livemode bool `json:"livemode"`
// PlanClient encapsulates operations for creating, updating, deleting and
// querying plans using the Stripe REST API.
type PlanClient struct{}
// PlanParams encapsulates options for creating a new Plan.
type PlanParams struct {
// Unique string of your choice that will be used to identify this plan
// when subscribing a customer.
Id string
// A positive integer in cents (or 0 for a free plan) representing how much
// to charge (on a recurring basis)
Amount int64
// 3-letter ISO code for currency. Currently, only 'usd' is supported.
Currency string
// Specifies billing frequency. Either month or year.
Interval string
// Name of the plan, to be displayed on invoices and in the web interface.
Name string
// (Optional) Specifies a trial period in (an integer number of) days. If
// you include a trial period, the customer won't be billed for the first
// time until the trial period ends. If the customer cancels before the
// trial period is over, she'll never be billed at all.
TrialPeriodDays int
// Creates a new Plan.
// see
func (self *PlanClient) Create(params *PlanParams) (*Plan, error) {
plan := Plan{}
values := url.Values{
"id": {params.Id},
"name": {params.Name},
"amount": {strconv.FormatInt(params.Amount, 10)},
"interval": {params.Interval},
"currency": {params.Currency},
// trial_period_days is optional, add if specified
if params.TrialPeriodDays != 0 {
values.Add("trial_period_days", strconv.Itoa(params.TrialPeriodDays))
err := query("POST", "/v1/plans", values, &plan)
return &plan, err
// Retrieves the plan with the given ID.
// see
func (self *PlanClient) Retrieve(id string) (*Plan, error) {
plan := Plan{}
path := "/v1/plans/" + url.QueryEscape(id)
err := query("GET", path, nil, &plan)
return &plan, err
// Updates the name of a plan. Other plan details (price, interval, etc.) are,
// by design, not editable.
// see
func (self *PlanClient) Update(id string, newName string) (*Plan, error) {
values := url.Values{"name": {newName}}
plan := Plan{}
path := "/v1/plans/" + url.QueryEscape(id)
err := query("POST", path, values, &plan)
return &plan, err
// Deletes a plan with the given ID.
// see
func (self *PlanClient) Delete(id string) (bool, error) {
resp := DeleteResp{}
path := "/v1/plans/" + url.QueryEscape(id)
if err := query("DELETE", path, nil, &resp); err != nil {
return false, err
return resp.Deleted, nil
// Returns a list of your Plans.
// see
func (self *PlanClient) List() ([]*Plan, error) {
return self.ListN(10, 0)
// Returns a list of your Plans at the specified range.
// see
func (self *PlanClient) ListN(count int, offset int) ([]*Plan, error) {
// define a wrapper function for the Plan List, so that we can
// cleanly parse the JSON
type listPlanResp struct{ Data []*Plan }
resp := listPlanResp{}
// add the count and offset to the list of url values
values := url.Values{
"count": {strconv.Itoa(count)},
"offset": {strconv.Itoa(offset)},
err := query("GET", "/v1/plans", values, &resp)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return resp.Data, nil
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