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Combine multiple products into a purchasable bundle to sell these for a special price.
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Bundles Plugin for Craft CMS 3 with Craft Commerce 2

Combine multiple products into a purchasable bundle to sell these for a special price. Thanks to the inspiration coming from the existing Commerce Bundles plugin, this plugin allows you to create bundles from products and not just their variants. Users can now order bundles and choose their desired variant, eg. shirt size M with trousers size L.


This plugin requires:

  • Craft CMS 3.2 or later
  • Craft Commerce 2.1 or later


This plugin can either be installed through the Plugin Store or using Composer.

Plugin Store

  • In the Craft Control Panel, go to Settings -> Plugins
  • Search for 'Commerce Product Bundles'
  • Hit the "Install" button


  1. Open your terminal and go to your Craft project:

     cd /path/to/project
  2. Download the plugin using Composer

     composer require tde/commerce-product-bundles
  3. In the Craft Control Panel, go to Settings → Plugins

  4. Hit the "Install" button for 'Commerce Product Bundles'.


The "Product bundles" navigation item will be added in the subnav of Commerce. Add your desired bundles and set the new price. Through the plugin settings it is also possible to add custom fields to enhance the user experience of the bundles and provide more information.

Add product bundle in CP

Twig example

The plugin is designed to promote product bundles from within the product detail page. When viewing product A, the user may be encouraged in buying a bundle containing product A and product B. The Twig example below illustrates how to render bundles in a product detail page:

Twig example

{# templates/shop/products/_entry.html #}

{% set productBundles = craft.commerceProductBundles.getProductBundles(product) %}
{% if productBundles|length %}
    <h3>Bundle tips</h3>
    {% for productBundle in productBundles %}
        <form method="POST">
            {{ csrfInput() }}
            {{ redirectInput('shop/cart') }}
            {{ hiddenInput('action', 'commerce/cart/update-cart') }}
            {{ hiddenInput('qty', 1) }}
            {{ hiddenInput('purchasableId', }}
            <h4>{{ productBundle.title }}</h4>
            {% for product in productBundle.getProducts() %}
                <h5>{{ product.title }}</h5>

                {% if product.variants|length > 1 %}
                    <select name="options[productBundleProductsVariantIds][]">
                        {% for purchasable in product.variants %}
                            <option value="{{ }}">{{ purchasable.description }}</option>
                        {% endfor %}
                {% else %}
                    {{ hiddenInput('options[productBundleProductsVariantIds][]', product.variants[0].id) }}
                {% endif %}

                {% if not loop.last %}
                {% endif %}
            {% endfor %}

            {{ productBundle.price|commerceCurrency(cart.currency) }}
            <input type="submit">Add to cart</button>
    {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Make sure to disable product variants if they are out of stock.

Brought to you by TDE

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