Session management middleware for connect
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Connect CouchDB

connect-couchdb is a storage wrapper for the express-session middleware of connect/ expressjs frameworks. Build Status


  • couchdb (tested with v1.5.0)
  • yacw 0.2.x : the couchdb wrapper. Should be easy to use another one.
  • mocha (only for tests)


For node v0.10, Connect v3 and Express v4 you must use the master branch. For olders node version, use others branches.


Via npm:

$ npm install connect-couchdb --save


var session = require('express-session'),
    connect = require('connect');
    ConnectCouchDB = require('connect-couchdb')(session);

var store = new ConnectCouchDB({
  // Name of the database you would like to use for sessions.
  name: 'myapp-sessions',

  // Optional. Database connection details. See yacw documentation 
  // for more informations
  username: 'username', 
  password: 'password', 
  host: 'localhost',

  // Optional. How often expired sessions should be cleaned up.
  // Defaults to 600000 (10 minutes).
  reapInterval: 600000,

  // Optional. How often to run DB compaction against the session
  // database. Defaults to 300000 (5 minutes).
  // To disable compaction, set compactInterval to -1
  compactInterval: 300000,

  // Optional. How many time between two identical session store
  // Defaults to 60000 (1 minute)
  setThrottle: 60000
var server = connect();
server.use(session({secret: 'YourSecretKey', store: store });

If the database specified doesn't already exist you have to create it with tools/ files. Run following command to create database, populate with the design document and setup the CouchDB database specific option _revs_limit :

$ node tools/setup.js <database_name> <revs_limit> [username] [password]

For more informations about the _revs_limit option, read this.

It is highly recommended that you use a separate database for your sessions for performance of both the session views and any other document views you may have.

See example.js file for an example connect server using connect-couch.


Please invoke the tool to create the design documents when updating to insure you are using the last version of the view.

$ node tools/put_design_docs.js <database_name> [username] [password]


$ npm test



$ git shortlog -s -n